Charles River 16 RX


Discovery 169 - 16’9”

Discovery 169 - 16’9”

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Maker:  Old Town

Length:  16’3”

Beam:  35”

Depth:  14”

Capacity:  1050 lbs.

Weight:  62 lbs.

Material:  Royalex Plastic

Keel:  No

Price:  $1800 + shipping

Options:  Red, Green

The Charles River 16 RX is a modern classic. This canoe features great design lines with an innovative hull design. The RX stands for Royalex®. This material allows Old Town to construct a durable yet lightweight canoe. Designed with a shallow arch bottom, the Charles River 16 RX provides a fair amount of overall stability. At 16’, it’s a nice size for longer excursions. The Charles River 16 RX takes classic to a whole new level.

Beam - Width of a canoe when measured at its widest point

Chine - Where the curving sides of the hull gradually merge into the bottom

Deck - The triangular piece of material, usually metal or wood, to which the gunnels are attached at the bow and stern

Gunwale - The section along the top of the canoe from stern to bow where the sides meet; a strip along the top of the canoe's sides

Keel - A projection below the hull, running from stern to bow, which adds strength to the hull, protects it from damage, and helps the craft maintain straight movement

Outwale - The outside gunwale

Ribs - Curved strips from gunnel to gunnel that form the shape of a wooden canoe hull; may also be used to add strength to the hull

Rocker - The upward sweep of the keel toward the bow and stern. The more pronounced the rocker, the easier the canoe is to pivot

Tumblehome - The curving inward of the upper section of the canoe. This produces a canoe narrower at the gunnels than at the bulging sides