Discovery 169 - 16’9”

Discovery 169 - 16’9”

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Maker:  American Traders

Length:  16’5”

Beam:  32.5”

Depth:  15”

Capacity:  725 lbs.

Weight:  68 lbs.

Material:  Wood/Epoxy

Keel:  Yes

Price:  $5290 + shipping

Options:  Red or White Cedar, Extended Decks + $110, Canvas + $625

The Legend's elegant lines and long decks are reminiscent of the classic Old Town Charles River model. The Legend is a graceful canoe with responsiveness and speed In it's lines. The canoe has a beautiful shape, close-spaced tapered ribs, good tumblehome and slight rocker. The Legend's 20" long curved decks, outwales and trim are in AA grade mahogany. This striking canoe is steady in the water and crafted for the paddler who appreciates the fine lines of a well designed canoe. The Legend is ideal for tandem canoeing on rivers and flat water.

Beam - Width of a canoe when measured at its widest point

Chine - Where the curving sides of the hull gradually merge into the bottom

Deck - The triangular piece of material, usually metal or wood, to which the gunnels are attached at the bow and stern

Gunwale - The section along the top of the canoe from stern to bow where the sides meet; a strip along the top of the canoe's sides

Keel - A projection below the hull, running from stern to bow, which adds strength to the hull, protects it from damage, and helps the craft maintain straight movement

Outwale - The outside gunwale

Ribs - Curved strips from gunnel to gunnel that form the shape of a wooden canoe hull; may also be used to add strength to the hull

Rocker - The upward sweep of the keel toward the bow and stern. The more pronounced the rocker, the easier the canoe is to pivot

Tumblehome - The curving inward of the upper section of the canoe. This produces a canoe narrower at the gunnels than at the bulging sides